Weird creatures that do exist?

What is the weirdest animal you know that does exist? It's for a school project and the aspiration is to find the weirdest animal there is and do a newspaper on it. Something with an adjustment that has made it atypical or very cool. When first asked to do the weekly my first choice that came to mind be the Hemaris Thysbe (just because it looks weird and I saw one finishing year and have be intrigued ever since) but now I'm starting to progress my mind because although it is weird to me contained by looks (I call it the lobster hummingbird because that’s what it one-sidedly looks like to me) it may not be to others...So my cross-question is does anyone have any suggestion on any unnatural animals to do my research paper on or do you simply think I should budge with my untested plan?

Answers:    go near your original plans tou own thought it out , researched just consent to the words flow enjoy your A+ correct luck . of course my wife and daughter would own said me but thet does not fit good luck

Any of several salamanders (genus Ambystoma) original to Mexico and the western United States that, unlike most amphibians, often retain their external gills and become sexually grown without undergo metamorphosis.

Just look at one of the pictures. It's pretty amazing.
Octapus. They can change at a moments catch sight of and impersonate a poisonous fish. To see an octapus change really is a miracle of quality.

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