Do you ever wonder where people got a solution to a problem? eg. tomato sauce for getting rid of green hair?

Question:I read that tomato sauce gets rid of the green tone that chlorine in swimming pools gives to dyed blond hair. How on earth did someone come across this, and all the other weird solutions.

It happened to them and they were desperate to get rid of it so they tried everything they could think of until something worked.
That particular one is a matter of understanding the science. If you understand why hair turns green in a swimming pool and understand what you need to do to neutralise it, you can work out what to use.
I thought tomato juice (sauce...whatever is handy) was supposed to be good for getting the smell off of you or your pet after you/it has been sprayed by a skunk.

I really don't know how people come up with weird solutions to unfortunate problems, except perhaps desperation. (and trying out what you've heard!)
be interesting to know how someone discovered you could cure jellyfish stings by pissing on them.
I think that alot of solutions were discoverd by accident! Once, when I was at a friend's house, I was in their bathroom when I accidently knocked over a bottle of Suave shampoo. It spilled down the side of their bathtub (which had ALOT of dried soapscum), and I just pulled the shower curtain closed, and left it. When I saw the tub the next day, I was shocked. The spot where the shampoo had puddled HAD CLEANED AWAY THE SOAPSCUM . . . no scrubbing needed! Think about that the next time you have to tackle soapscum!
Well I have a female friend with red hair. She rubbed a cauliflower in her hair the other day and, guess what?

Ok, I'm only kidding.
Someone once told me that the white cheesey deposit you get under your foreskin calms bee stings,although I must admit I've never actually tried it!
on the colour spectrum red is opposite to green therefore red neutralises green - i'm a hairdresser seen it many times!
Things like that are fascinating, and I`ve often wondered the same thing myself...... I was hoping that someone had answered with a wikipedia site.... there must be one !
Don't' know. I often wonder about such things. On the subject of tomato sauce, I was reliably informed by a friend from the USA, that's it's the best way of getting rid of the smell of Skunk! Even from tyres (tires) if you happen to run over one.

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