Bovine manure?

Question:If bovine manure was worth its weight in gold would a pound of it be worth more or less than a pound of gold?

One Troy ounce is about 10% heavier than the common Avoirdupois ounce.
Avoirdupois is the system of weights using the pound of 16 ounces.
Troy weight is the system of weights used for Gold, Silver and Jewels with twelve ounces to the pound.

Gold is measured in Troy weight.
Manure is measured in Avoirdupois weight.

I'll probably take 16 Troy ounces of the gold, thanks.
That way I'll get the best of both worlds.
Troy ounces and Avoirdupois pound. :-)
If a pound is equal in worth to a pound it is netiher more nor less than a pound, it is still a pound (until it dehydrates and becomes less than a pound)
You can have a pound of manure, and I'll have a pound of Gold. We will both go to a car dealer and give him a choice, pound of Gold, or a pound of manure for a brand new car.......what do you think he'll pick?
Manure in the morning,
Manure in the Evening,
Manure at Suppertime,
When you've got Manure on a bagel,
You can eat Manure anytime!
What a crappy question...

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