Do you believe that Titanic's captain didn't die in 1912 and returned in 1990/91.?

Question:According to the news report Titanic's captain (Edward John Smith) was disappear with one of the passenger in Titanic dramatic sinking day.
Two of them came back in 1990 and 1991.
Two of them look like the year that they're disappear.

No, I don't believe it. That would make Smith a 140 in '90 and '141 in '91. While I do think timeslips might be possible, they are more likely where someone from the present sees the world around them as the past for a very brief span of time.
thats dumb
No I don't think so
Pretty good ghost story, Dragonfly. I sincerely hope it doesn't keep you awake at night or anything.

No, it's far beyond belief. The captain of the Titanic made a pretty big deal of going down with the ship, as I recall, since he'd made such a terrible error of judgment about the iceberg. And wasn't that a looong time ago?

But to be sure of the facts, try this lists all the passengers and crew as well as biographies about them.

only it all goes on one line, of course, with no three dots or spaces...

Happy ghost hunting...
Wow... That's all I have...
oh thats not true i dont believe every one face on earth slighltly match with other the captain of titanic died in 1912
return?!? how could he return?? he's drowned!! and he's old!! he can't possibly return back!!
Of course he did ! And he was seen at the Queen Mother`s funeral with Elvis Presley, Buddy Holly, Lord Lucan, Isaac Newton, and Jack The Ripper. I thought every body knew that......
he was in his 60's in 1912 which meant he would be like 134-140 years old in 1990

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