Does PEPSI get more money or COKE?

Coke...though they began to lose their slight lead when they tried to change the formula: "the new Coke!" Remember that? Then Coke switched back to Classic Coke and regained their lead.

Pepsi owns a lot of food manufacturers etc, and they stay right behind Coke, but have you ever noticed that in many restaurants they give you Coke when you ask for Pepsi? They say they're locked in to that one. The Cola Wars!
Coke gets more money as most sites say that pepsi is second biggest(after coke)

Gets my Vote.No questions asked.

Tastes more better then boring Coke. Coke has a wicked after-taste.

That's why Pepsi gets more $$ in my book : )
More Money for what?

if youre talking about income, Pepsi made more money last year, in 2006
Net Income:
Coke - 5.08 Billion Dollars
Pepsi - 5.64 Billion Dollars
Surely Coke...
Pepsico, the maker of pepsi, has sooo many products its hard to believe. Even quaker is owned by pepsico, so i believe pepsico

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