Does anybody know where the family name Box came from?

Like most names in history, they are shortened from other words or ocupations. In medeval days your name was mostly determened by your occupation > (Smith, Cooper, Farmer, etc.) Sometimes names were adopted from the nobility that the serfdom belong to that you happened to be born on. Also names may have derived from a certain area that you have been born in. For example Bin Ladin ( I am not a fan of his by the way) means in Arabic from Ladin or of Ladin, indicates the area of his birth. In those days you did not have a last name. As in Jesus of Nazareth. There were not too many people named Jesus who lived in Nazareth, so people in the sorounding community knew who you were and where you came from. Nobody traveled much past mayby 50 or a 100 mile radious in those days. It worked in those days, because your world was much smaller (not the phisycal world of course). Now days you can't say "Hey, I'm Joe from Cleveland". There is lots of Joes from Cleveland. But there was no Cleveland in those days.
The point I'm trying to make is that your name may have come from just about any source. It may have been changed from one name to another in the course of years. Not many years ago you could change your name to anything you wanted to be called, without court approval. So, the name Box may have come from any number of sourses. Take my name as an example; Horvath. The official name of Croatia is Horvatsca. My ancastors may have owned it or they may have been peasants there. Hell, who cares. Be proud of your name and unless it keeps you up at night, don't worry about it. Like the man said "A rose is a rose even if it smells like s***. Why not Box? You could have been call Schwinhount.
The family name Box is from England. But if your ancestor came over from Poland it could have been Boczkowski and was shortened to Boczk and spelled Box.

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