Bob gibson is a famous nebraskan. what makes him so well known?

Question:its part of my homework.
also.if you know

what gale sayers well known for?
what is marlin brisco known for?

please help! thnx

Bob Gibson baseball player, Omaha

Gale Oswald Sayers (born May 30, 1943 in Wichita, Kansas), also known as "The Kansas Comet", was a former professional football player in the National Football League who spent his entire career with the Chicago Bears.

Marlin Briscoe - Mr. Briscoe became the first black starting quarterback in the NFL, at the time when it was believed that African-Americans couldn't lead a team on the field.
Never heard of him. Sorry. Only Nebraskan I know of is Johnny Carson. And I'm not even sure of that.
he played pro baseball he was a pitcher for the st. louis cardinals
Bob Gibson - hall of fame baseball pitcher. Gale Sayers - great football player. Marlin Brisco - I don't know...
gale sayers played for the bears. Awsome running back
Bob Gibson - known for his fast ball
Gay sailors - known for their show tunes renditions
Marlin Brisco - Never met him. but I knew his mother really well. Whoa, there Mrs. Briso!
Are you that lazy that you can't type their names in a search engine and figure it out yourself? Ridiculous!
Bob Gibsom was one of the best baseball pitchers to have ever played. He was known as a fierce competitor. he is in the Hall of Fame

Marlin Briscoe (note spelling) and gayle Sayers were both football players. Look them up on Google or Yahoo!
bob gibson was a great baseball pitcher.
gale sayers was a great football player.
marline brisco was a great race driver.
The only answer I can come up with without researching it is the Gibson guitars. Sorry don't know the other two.
Bob Gibson was a terror pitcher of his day; batters hated to face him. The St. Louis Cardinals were happy to have him hurling shutouts and low ERA games

gale sayers was a running back for the Chicago bears and could have been greater if his career wasn't cut short by bad knees. Still, he was phenominal

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