Can you settle an argument please.?

Question:What is a Japanesse Man of War.
I say it is a JELLYFISH.
My daughters Boyfriend says it is a Japanesse Battleship.
Who is right.

Ah... sorry mate,

the Japanese man of war IS a battleship, the most famous being the Chitose; a world war two battleship.

The Portugese Man of war is a jellyfish:
you win!
it's a jelly fish if it stings u u will die it's very poisness hope this helps
There's a jellyfish called a Portugese Man O War, but I've never heard of a Japanese Man O War. Hope this helps
Both wrong, it is a Sumo wrestler.
don't know, a jellyfish is a portugese man o war if i remember correctly
I know it's definately a jellyfish but I've never heard of a battleship named after it. But who knows...anyone??
Portugese Man O War is a jellyfish you lemon!
I have never heard of a japanese man of war battleship and i was brought up on a Royal Navy base. Could be slang though just because I never heard of it doesn't mean it isn't true(shock! woman admitting she could be wrong?!).
A Japanese Man of War was a battleship.

A Portuguese Man O War is a jellyfish.
Its a Jellyfish!!
What I did was Google Japanese Man of War and went on images and pictures of Jelly fish came up. So my best guess would be that you are right.
Well if you search you may find that its both, depending on how you search, I have found references to Japanesse Man of War as a armoured boat and Man of War Jellyfish.

So you both may be right.
I think you are thinking of a Portuguese Man o' War, which is a Jellyfish. No idea about Japanese Man of War, have googled it but can't find anything.
your right you win pop ya collar! :)
I think you are thinking of a Portugese man o war which is thought of as a jelly fish. but isnt. a japanese man o war could be a battle ship.
You are correct! The Japanese Man-O-War is a jelly-fish and is closely related to the Portuguese Man-O-War. Both species are HIGHLY toxic and their sting is invariably deadly if not taken care of within the first 10 minutes of being stung.
Uhh, you are...
the japanese man of war "Chitose"

circa 1898 - not hardly WWII

have a look at it here
Your are thinking of a Portuguese Man of War which is a jelly fish. The boyfriend is correct in this case. Hope this helps!
looks like you are both right:
it`s a portugese man of war and is a jellyfish(raspberry i think lol)
There seems to be some confusion, i think you mean the Portugese man of war jellyfish.
man-of-war fish -- Encyclopaedia BritannicaThe man-of-war fish is usually found in the open sea, near its protector. ... the stinging tentacles of the Portuguese man-of-war jellyfish (Physalia). ...

Your daughters boyfriend probably means this
Japanese man-of-war "Chitosa
You are, though Japanese is spelled like that.
The Portugese man of war jellyfish has little fish in it called man of war fish. The Japanese Man of War was a battleship named "Chitosa"
it's a type of Japanese battleship e.g. the IJN Takachiho and the IJN Naniwa
You're right it's a jelly fish
Are you confusing Japanese with Portuguese Man of War which is a jellyfish.
In a list of jellyfish no Japanese one could be found, only Portuguese Man of War.
I think the Japanese Man of War is a battleship.
The jellyfish is the Portuguese man of war. I haven't heard of a Japanese one.

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