Question:what is the difference between left-handed bowling shoes and right-handed bowling shoes?i already know that left handed bowling shos are for lefties(like me) and right handed for righties, but what is the difference between the two??

I am a right-handed bowler, therefore my left foot is the foot I "slide" on.

The slider shoe (in my case, the left) has a piece of leather on the sole of the shoe that goes from the toe to the arch. That piece of leather accommodates the slide.

A left-handed bowler has that piece of leather on the bottom of the right shoe.

Today, only the more expensive shoes are right/left-handed, so often only league or professional bowlers have this kind of shoe. The shoes you rent at the lanes are either/or -- as are the less expensive bowling shoes that are available for purchase.
It's definitely true where the difference lies within the sole. Right handers have their sliding soles on the left foot and vice versa for left handers.

I use a shoe where you can interchange the sole and heel pads to match the approach conditions.

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