Changing The Channel Many Years Ago?

Question:Did you ever have to use a pair of PLIERS?

I did - LOL

Yes, but there was a limit of channels so it wasn't too much work!! We had 3 networks ABC,NBC and CBS. My pliers went well with the rabbit ears and alunimum foil .
Yes, there were no remotes and if the knob was stripped you used pliers.
Good times, good times
But of course! Used them to turn on the faucets, the car door from the inside; all that stuff. It IS lol.
LOL Oh yes. My husband and I were just talking and laughing about this last weekend when I couldn't find the remote. Did you also have a smaller working one on top of a larger broken one?
When the channel knob wore out or got broken. Used pliers untill a knob could be found. Back then they did not throw TV away. Repaired and put back into service.
LOL, yeah when I was a kid. Forgot about that. Too funny!
Sure did, also my older brother invented remote control if we were watching tv the would tell me to get up and change the channel if I didn't he'd hit me.
Oh, how we are dating ourselves by answering "yes" to this!

Does anyone else remember having a TV in your home that you put quarters into to make the payment if you bought it on credit? We were one of the first in our neighborhood to get a TV. All the neighbors would come to watch. I remember they loved wrestling the most of all.
Dear I have not understand ur question but my answer is following-
yes Changing the channel have been more years bkz remote T.V is available in Market. So every person want to buy remote t.v instead of Channel.


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