Can you help me learn the metric system?

Question:please help?


I'll let you take it from there..

Most people know that its all about moving your decimal pt. They just don't know which way or how many places. So remember this "Keep Hot Dogs Big don't cut mustard"

1st letters of each word will give you the order.

Kilo Hecto Deka Base Unit (could be meter, liter or gram)
deci centi milli

K H D Base d c m

By using this you can see which way and how many places to move the dec pt.
EX. 47.6667Km = 47666.7m (to get from K to m (base) you go to the rt., 3 places.

I taught this technique to Jr. High kids for yrs. It works every time, and they never forgot it because the saying is so stupid.

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