For spies to pass information via the internet, I've invented invisible web ink, what do you think?

Question:The info is

Info ends.

dear grinning.
yours sincerely. denis
***** *** ***** ***********
I think you might be onto something there. You'll make a fortune!
A dozen large bottles, please, whatever the price. What a fabulous invention!
Brilliant!! I created something similar

What do you think?
amazing now what do you think of this?

inspired isn't it?
shame it doesnt work lol
I'll try it out...

Yeah it works fine.
Wow thats an interesting code, But I couldnt decipher the last part, Where was Hoffa buried?
Cool! agents 86 and 99 will be thrilled! Hang on I'll just lower the cone of silence before I give them the good news. Chaos will be shaking in their boots!!
If i apply a hot iron to my monitor will the writing show up?
I'd tell you what I thought, but then I'd have to kill you.

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