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Question:to the first person who can correctly tell me what the letters PNB stand for in the clothing line PNB Nation

Simon J - and - Destinee Nicole*~ You are wrong but there is a new group using Post No Bills for the fake PNB Nation (purchased the rights) Their clothing is trash and their mainstream audience would be put off by the true meaning of PNB They were a gang in to prostitution Pimps N Ballers (Bit ches)
As pathetic as the idea sounds (that a NY Gang would notify people not to post bills) Madison avenue marketing or Murketing as they call it has gone mainstream.
Art work associated with the graffiti sign always indicated the pimps and prostitutes theme.

PNB is a graffiti sign

The graffiti gang was the Pimps n Ballers (Bit ches) in the early 80s They may no longer use that name now that they are back in political correct form.

The PNB sign could be seen painted on overpasses and walls across town. Even now copycat gangs paint similar symbols but they are not the same gang. The created the fake and more marketable post no bills explination for the initials PNB. Ther have nothing to do with the original founders of Pimps N Bitc hes.

West FC, one of the graffiti greats, is actually one of the founding fathers of streetwear. The company he started with his high school homeboys Sung Choi, Zulu, Bluster and Brue, is of course the one and only PNB. (Unfortunately this line been recently resurrected without any of the original members and in my opinion is destined to be terrible.)

ANIT-GRAFF (WEST ONE solo U.S. debut)

Exhibiting a collection of paintings that explore "the secret life of letters."

Influenced by early abstract expressionists and the action painters of the 1950's, this collection features work entirely in black and white and uses raw canvas, oil sticks, gesso, latex, charcoal, and a host of other mediums to create large-scale abstract paintings that preserve only the thread of the letter form commonly seen in graffiti.

Along with a small group of other New York based artists West remains at the forefront of the 'Post- graffiti' movement, exploring new realms and presenting new challenges to the regimented folk art of graffiti.

West's recent exhibitions have included the 'Miami Vices' exhibition during Art Basel in Miami, the 'Hive Sound System' show at Lump Gallery in N.C., the Altoids 'Wall of Fame' project in Brooklyn, and 'Experimental Surf Shop' at the Dyezu Space in Tokyo, Japan. West frequently travels to Japan where his designer clothing brand, And Suns, is sold. He also co-founded PNB Nation, an urban market clothing line in 1992. West currently lives and works in New York City.


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People Never Believe!
Phony Nylon Briefs

Anthony Pittarelli
Post No Bills!
i think PNA stands for I DONT KNOW...sorry
Post No Bills...


PNB Nation was founded in 1987 by Isaac "West" Rubinstein Kahlil "Zulu" Williams and myself. We are all graffiti artists, so visual art in connection with the spirit of hip hop has always been the foundation of our clothing line

NIck cannon took over the line

Cannon explained his decision to get involved with the line. He said, "It was a line that got started in New York and it was always true to hip hop. PNB, Post No Bills, they was all about the graffiti. But you know it didn't really pop like all the other ones like the Fubus and all that stuff at the time but it still had its core audience. People to this day still like love and rep it because it held hip hop down so hard. So I saw it. I was a fan and you know the opportunity came my way so I you know purchased it pretty much. I bought it and you know now I'm trying to take it to the next level. We're doing luxury denim and you know kinda doing that style of you know premium line clothing where you might see it in Fred Segal, and you know, The Atrium, and places like that. So we're trying to take it there before we go mass market with it. I kinda want to keep it you know exclusive to just the tastemakers."
I always heard it stood for "Proud Nubian Brothers".
The initials PNB could stand for:

* Pacific Northwest Ballet, Seattle, Washington
* Pacific Northwest Bell, a former division of AT&T and then US West
* Parti National Basque, the Basque National Party
* Parti National Breton, the Breton National Party
* Permodalan Nasional Berhad, in Malaysia
* Philippine National Bank in the Philippines
* Police notebook, used by police
* Police Negotiating Board
* Pulseless non-breather, a person in cardiac arrest
* Punjab National Bank in India
* Philadelphia National Bank, renamed to CoreStates
Post No Bills
They started, as you know, with a line of impact resistant lingerie for clumsy drunken chicks. They were carefully padded with kevlar and sported a removable carbon fibre anti-stab insert.
Of course this industrial / military look soon got swamped by the clamour for more "street-wear", low key designs.

Still, their original name stuck:

"Protects Naughty Bits"

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