Guess the phrase?

Question:There are 5 puzzles each represent a song tiltle, movie or a name of a book.
Work out what they all are please?

whoever gets the most right gets the ten points.

shook shook shook shook shook

First Among Equals

Hign Noon?

i Mississippi t
A River Runs Through It

stood maiden
Uptown Girl?
so where are they, or do we just make up our own?
Where are the puzzles?
It's no good if they are just in your head! Where are the puzzles then, show us the puzzles!
I don't get it...can anybody explain it to me?
Uhhhhhhhhh...Where are the puzzles? If you can show them I would gladly help you because I am good in puzzles and sodoku and others.

harry potter 2 3 4 and 5 easy innit
You need to give us somerthing to work with.
edit. i'll wait for the puzzles....
i dont know. dammit
It's at times like these that I'm glad I'm insane!
ok, so where are the phrases??
1. Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds
2. Secretary.
3. The Da Vinci Code
4. The Bourne Ultimatum
5. Who Put The Benzedrine In Mrs Murphy's Ovaltine

Do I win?
At this rate no-one's going to get the 10 points! We're all in the dark!

here you go
Hey you lost me!
Alla' youse guys... I didn't even check in, and you were having so much fun asking where the puzzle was! I was trying to figure it out and losing! Hahahahahahahahahahah ;-}
First among equals
Rivers runs through it
Lunch Time
Iron Maiden

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