Do stationers give shoplifters a hole punch or a clip round the ears?

Just a stamp on the foot would be within the letter of the law and avoid the paper work round a charge of assault and battery
That's why they keep to a staple diet.
They box clever by getting the police to book thieves and interview them on tape. Convicted thieves end up in the pen (penitentiary).
Stationers give shoplifters completely black 1000-piece jigsaw puzzles, to be complete by closing or they'll get a...

"clip round the ears."
Do you mean like if you clip some paper from a store?
They can`t catch them unless they are Stationary. And they Pin their Hopes on a Textbook capture. To the thief, its his Staple routine, Copying his "Partners", even if it is Blue Tacky.
They have been known to let loose a lot of magazines on them, which can leave a permanent marker on their record.

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