Do porters zip about in case they can bag extra jobs or are they just carrying on as usual?

Yes, they are carrying a lot of emotional baggage, as mentioned in their portfolio.
Not if they are wearing platform shoes and know their station in life, they would need to train to do that
(I don't THINK they all drink too much caffeine! Yes, they'd 'bag' more 'jobs,' 'cause they'd get 'extra' money and take it without change, naturally.)

They'll also 'zip' a 'case' shut and look at you meaningfully...AND 'carry' as much as they can hold, one trip, also in order to look at you meaningfully, while sweating a bit as well.

If you don't pony up, they'll 'carry on' too! 'As usual!'
Well, they don`t want the Sack, or there will be a Ruck as. Still it would be a Brief case in court, and that would be Crate !!
You could be on the right track there! Of course, some get ideas above their station ... whereas others are simply off their trolley.

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