Could a good looking cleaner sweep you off your feet?

Oh yes, its like living in a vacuum since the dust up with my B/F, but meeting the right person would make my hair bristle
it would have to be a pretty sturdy broom!
I could!
wouldnt matter to me what his profession was.its him that counts not what he does

haha @ joannes answer
Maybe ! does the job matter ?
Yes. and brush you under the carpet!

A chimney-sweep might take the song out of my hearth, though.
Also suck me up and dust me down with their polished manner
He would have to look like Orlando Bloom, Kett Turton, or Johnny Depp. If you see one like this, let me know and I will be glad to let him sweep me off my feet.
more interested in what maketh the cleaner not what he is made of physically
I don't go for the good looks, I go for the sensitivity and good heart.

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