Do gardeners dig their heels in if they get turfed out their jobs?

No, they find out which little weed grassed on them and got them the heave hoe then mulch them up and toddle off to pastures new.
No. they go down to the bottom of the garden and eat worms! or, possibly, have a hoe-down and rake over the old sods.
You bet, and so do old race horses.
Hoe hoe hoe.
No good digging their heels in,they would be better employed sowing their seed elsewhere
probably will do? cos as a avid gardener there's nothing better than getting down and dirty with my HOE???
Some of them hover, but the ones that grass tend to get weeded out!
no they was told to " sod" off
LMAO! Love it!

Yes, there is a lot at stake.
If their employers are dirty sods they'll try'n makem turn in their forkin beds.

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