Did u know that.....?

Question:if u r right handed, u use your right hand to tighten the lid of a bottle and your left hand to loosen it, if its very tightly closed. i found that out by myself. go on, try it.

I didn't know that!

Did you also know that some people's parts of the right side of their body is slightly bigger than their left or visa versa eg right hand bigger than left, right foot bigger, right ear bigger and in some cases right boob bigger!
I am left handed, but when I do things like that I use both hands.
But i'm left handed!
I only use my right, where did u get that from?
Yes, you're right!
Sorry, not true for me. I'm totally helpless with my left hand except for typing and other chores... it doesn't help me loosen a tight lid. I just hold the bottle or jar tighter with the left and the lid tighter with the right.

This ranks right up there in importance, huh? Fun, though...
umm.. my left hand is weaker than my right hand.. that makes no sense... and no, i don't do that.. i don't think i've ever used my left hand to open anything.
No i use my right to open and close lids!
Wow you are right but i only use my left hand when my right is tired
I'm left handed and use my left hand to to open and close.
But for a bottle with a cork, i use both hands :-)
As I am a mutli amputee I use my bum cheeks to do many tasks, including opening jars. The problem is no one seems to want to visit for dinner...
You righties are weird!
Yep.. thats because we dont wanna break our right hand if wer trying to open something really tight! haha.
Or you'r thinking that you cant open it coz your right hand is too tired out.

We can land men on the moon, but, for all our mechanical and electronic wizardry, we cannot reproduce an artificial fore-finger that can feel as well as beckon.
(John Napier)

I dont use either. If its very tightly closed I get some one else to do it.
Lol, thats actually true!
do you get bored easily?
Yes indeed! I was a washing machine installer a few years back and I used my left hand to loosen hoses all the time.
I use my right hand to tighten/loosen any bottle no matter how tight it is
Yeah you're right...I never even realised
I use my right hand to do both.
How true you are. Well at least with me. I thought about it and it's true, I do. How weird is that.
i would give my right arm to be ambidextrous!
Don't you hold the jar in your right hand and twist it with your left then reverse the process to close it
Well I do anyway
actually, i don't think it's only for right-handed people, because there's the saying 'righty-tighty, lefty-loosey' and i don't think they would make that up only for right-handed people. :-)
nope. i used my right for both functions.
i alternate hands i.e. i will use either my left or right when opening and closing lids.
really? I'l try that

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