Question:Some people collect stamps or old coins - does anybody out there have a really original collection? Best answer for the most obscure!

I colllect all Prince songs, I have over 1500, that is a bit obscure for today isn't it?
i collect sims
I collect old license plates I have some old ones from my birth year 1977 and from my old cars and my dad's old cars and such.
hmm. shot glasses. ;)

and...leopard print stuff.


these plastic little guys from vending machines called "homies"

thers other things but i forget.
collect old ipods. all of them. collect every memory size for each model. collect all colors of all memory of both generations of minis, nanos, shuffles. they will be worth a LOT in a few years, and it's quite unique. if you display it all nicely, it can be a really cool thing.
Pens from places around the country.

And EduQnA.coms points...
Stupid questions on YA, got thousands
I collect coca cola collectibles my hubby has lord of the ring collection of figures which he wont open and i put away in the attic .
I used to collect Airline sick bags
I collect fat from celebrity liposuctions. Wanna see my collection? Woops, I just spilled some Oprah on my new carpet!
I collect debts - got loads of them now!!
i collect original notions! anicdotes and generally really good sayings.... i dont actually collect them ore i store them and recall them later on, if i hear someone say something thats really good, powerfull or inspiring i write it down so i can recall it later in life (a day, a month, a year later etc)

seriously some really ordinary people say the most extrodinary things... from insults to wisdom to just plain strange, maybe when i have enough i will write a book about it.. heres a sample of some of the stuff:

roll in deep on ur mum (insult)

never before will i ever be the never same ways agains (inspiring/strange)

we are all in the gutter only some of us look up to the stars (oscar wilde, very inspiring)

One can fear growing old, or rejoice in the opportunity

Happiness is a do-it-yourself project

Have you ever noticed...Anybody going slower than you is an idiot, and anyone going faster than you is a maniac

On a tombstone: - "I TOLD YOU I WAS SICK"

Mental Floss prevents Moral Decay

2 + 2 = 5 for extremely large values of 2

BREAKFAST.COM Halted...Cereal Port Not Responding

Don't look back, they might be gaining on you

think thats enough dont you! lol :-)
i collect witches, i have got loads, all sizes hanging up, ornaments etc. x
Hand-held fans, used for cooling a person off. I have many old ones from before childhood though I quit collecting some time back. I guess I got "cool" enough. (Sorry... not! ;-} )

The fans are from several countries and are in quite good condition since I rarely open them... just one or two to show a lady friend now and then, or 'cause it's too d*** hot!
I collect 100's of thousands of em'....I have so much debt that I need collection agencies call me at least ten times a day to remind me how much I have. I have so much that preety soon its goin to be a problem and probably hav e some visitors really soon because I collect so much debt. And this aint no tea party visit niether.
I haven't moved for over a year, so I collect dust.
Well I collect candy dishes..and they all have to have the spiral top on the lid... and be on a pedastal.. not obscure...but they are so pretty..
I collect small national flags (I have a US flag with 48 and 49 stars; a Japanese flag with the sunburst on one and just the red ball on another; a flag from South Vietnam--which technically doesn't exist any more; a S.Korean flag--among others); Santa Claus figurines; Franklin Mint collector plates with nothing but Native American themes; beer steins; odd-shaped glasses and those with foreign liquors advertised on them; koala bear stuffed toys; and--last but not least--military unit patches.
I just collect friends.
I collect those little labels that you find inside new items of clothing, that identify by a number, the person who inspected the garment before it was packed and sent out to a customer.

Please send any prize to me at The Greater London Home for The Totally Bewildered and Criminally Insane.
I know someone who has collected 800 Barbie Dolls. She is adding a room to her house just to house them.
I collect dragons, got over 100 of them now and from all over the world.
Probably not the most obscure collection, but I collect decorative tins/cans with lids, such as the ones that holiday cookies or fruitcakes come in. I have some that are nicely decorated in many diverse sizes.

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