Are there still any real proper working cotton mills around today in great britain?

Working cotton mills uk

Welcome to Quarry Bank Mill and Styal Estate - a National Trust ...The National Trust presents one of the first generation of water-powered cotton spinning mills, which is still a working mill. Includes history, tours ...

Welcome to the Manufacturing Forum: Large working cotton mill engineI recently visited a preserved 3000 HP cotton mill engine, said to be the largest working mill engine in the world, at Ellenroad in Lancashire. ...

Most of the Cotton Mill chimneys seem to have been pulled down by one Mister Fred Dibner, Steeple Jack, a few years back. So my guess is that there are no longer any fully working cotton mills as such.

The first website above is of a water powered mill owned by the National Trust who describe it as a 'working mill'. I assume by that they mean it makes cotton fabric which is sold in the market. If this is not the case, then I do not classify it as a working mill. Wheels turning do not equal work and production and profits and labour etc.

Life in a cotton mill AUTHOR David Wray is one of a dying breed - a man who knows what it was like to work in the wheelgate of a cotton-spinning mill. ...

Child Labour Working Hours · Workhouse Children ... Wages in Cotton Mills · Ages in Cotton Mills ... ...

One of Hollywood's highest paid stars of the 1930s, Gracie Fields, started life as a cotton mill worker when she was still a child. School int'morning and mill int'afternoon, as she would have said.

Gracie Fields - Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaAn in depth look at the amazing Gracie Fields; Gracie Fields: A Biography by Joan Moules; Gracie Fields by David Bret; "Gracie Fields" by Jeffrey Richards ...
no - it's a cottage industry now.

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