10 points to who guess's the 4 digit number im thinking of?

is the number 0000
summer of 1969??
4 digits in lottery ive won that once! and i know im gonna win for a bigger grand chance in a lifetime!
4t2 twice
2753 am i close lol!
1066 cos you're doing a history assignment or 2008 cos you've set a date for the wedding or 0509 cos that's today unless you are in the US then it would be 0409 or 0904 as you would write it
either 2142 or 1417.
6969 because twice is better that once.
Okay, I have a one in ten thousand chance of getting this right.

I will start at:


Now, the next person to answer should guess 0002 and so on in numerical order. Then the next person guesses 0003... and so on and so on...

We will ALL do this up until 9999.

This of course, will (eventually) lead to the correct answer!

And I'm sure you will know that 10,000 answers will of course break the EduQnA.com world record.

Good luck
Hi there Laura...I will say the first four digits that come into my head.4769. What are the odds my guess is right?
No WAY ! I've been conned like this before
You have to write the numbers down
then i write my numbers down
and we compare

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