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Question:Q. What do bullet-proof vests, fire escapes, windshield wipers, and Laser printers all have in common?

They were all invented by women
All invented by a woman.
They all help people ! Made by a Woman!
They all have the letter 'e' in them.
all were invented by women
all invented by woman.
they like fish scalers
what they said
They all do their job as a last resort. (You don't know my laser printer)
synchronized movement. shields. plastic. I obviously don't know. and can't wait to find out... at a very early hour
they all do stuff
They don't actually do exactly what the name implies
All developed by the military?
Alphabet "S" occurring twice in each.
all good ideas! that would've been my guess...but...

lol..well i am guessing from the plethora of answers above..that they were all invented by women..but i won't pretend like i knew that :)
all have wovels in them all have e,s in them all have 2s in them
they all have carbon?
bullet proof vest, not a woman
The letter p. & 5 vowels.
They are all two words long.
Well it appears that Bullet proof vests were invented by a woman, Windshield wipers were patented by a woman, laser printers were invented by a man and fire escapes have got no reference I could find to the inventor other than a black man who invented a portable version of existing escapes.
All invented by women!
you cant eat them with a knife and fork

they dont sell them in maccas
They are all black.
They all Zig Zag, left to right bullet proof vests are "woven" like that?
invented by women..
well, it sure sucks when they don't work
None of them would fit into a matchbox!
es, ss, n women.

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