Did Titanic split in half?

Question:Some eyewitnesses say that the Titanic sank intact, but I believe it split in half. Who says it split or sunk intact?

In 1985, the wreck was discovered. Robert Ballard and his crew found that the ship did in fact break in two as it sank. It was theorized that as the Titanic sank, the stern rose out of the water. It supposedly rose so high that the unsupported weight caused the ship to break into two pieces, the split starting at the upper deck. ... (This was portrayed in the movie TITANIC)
It split but was it in half or in three?
Eye witnesses?! How old are you ?!

I don't think it split in half.
Originally they said it split in half, but apparently the belief now is that it split into three pieces.
The surviving ship officers said the ship sank intact; the surviving passengers said it broke up first.

As it is, the ship rests on the ocean floor in at least two main pieces. Salvagers think it probably broke up when it headed for the ocean floor.
Bob Ballard found the wreck of the old ship some years back, and on the ocean floor, it was in two main pieces. It broke in half, and each half ended up in different places.
The titanic did not break in half. It got a hole from an iceburg in the stern and sank from there.
i think it sunk on impact
You might find this actual front page report from the April 16, 1912 New York Times pretty interesting, as it provides the details of the sinking as they were known at the time:


It might not be the definitive answer you were looking for, but it's still pretty fascinating, just the same.

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