As of the year 2007 the world's fourth largest contains 11,458 of WHAT?

Question:and I don't know the answer so I need your help!

I got an idea..last time I heard it was more like 13,000 but, it may be different now and, it's worth a shot on 99X's you can't win.

The world's 4th largest country is Indonesia and, it may be made up of 11,458 separate islands? It would be the most educated guess I've heard yet. If you win a prize for getting by the first question let me know.

BTW...It may not be exactly right but, I used to get paid to do research for a law firm. I don't have as many tools at my disposal as I used to but, it may just be right!

Good Luck!
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I think South America is the 4th-largest continent, so my guess is 11,458 llamas

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