Advantages of over population?

Question:example over-populated country like India.

Cheap labor.

As near as I can tell, that's it.
when somebody gonna hit ya all will come to help u..big advantage..
More people to worship GOD
good economy
More ideas, more solutions.

And cannon fodder for (God forbid) war.
What possible advantages could there be to over-population?
You never feel lonely :-)
The very term overpopulated translates into "too many people." That translates into more than we need, more than we can provide for, more than is practical or useful, and so on. I see no advantage at all in too much of anything, people included.
As a government you have a gazillion people but only three million have jobs and those are the only ones you can tax. What they pay must provide the services for the entire gazillion.
As an individual you have difficulty finding work or housing, too many are looking for the same things.
Food becomes an issue when people are draining resources faster than they can be replenished.
You asked for advantages and I am giving disadvantages because I think that is all there are.
only one advantage.....if anybody is behind you chasing...u can get into the population and he won`t be able to find you ....and you are safe
......... congrats!!u are safe now.
There are no. of advantages of over population.

1. there must be a vast no. of human resources (thats way china and india dominating in the list of developing countries).

2. there must be a huge market for every product and services which would be in cheaper rate. i.e. rate of calls to mobile phones and landlines are minimum compare to other countries.

now its clear my friend......
one of the finest example is the taj mahal which is come on first in seven wonders by the help of the indian people had voted and make it at first.
u get many partners for M*ating
In the gene pool among the millions born every year there might be a few geniuses.


housing shortage.
The only advantage I could think of would be defense. If the martians atttack you'd have more troops. But I think overpopulation is a Huge problem that will only get worse.
Spoiling lots of grandkids.

Being thin due to famine.

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