Does it interest you to find out if people are left handed or right handed?

Question:I am right handed. I am always interested in left handed people. I want to do heaps of things with my left hand and I am trying to improve my writing woth my left hand so i can write with both. Is anyone else the same?

(I went 10 pin bowling yesterday and tried bowling with my left hand. I bowl alot better witht hat hand.)

I thought it was just me. It's pretty kool to find out if someone is left handed. I'm also working on ambidexterity, it's hard. ;p
I honestly don't care.
I'm always interested in that, too. One of my friends, a lefty, and I decided to see if we could write with our feet, and if so, whether we'd be left or right footed.

We both took chalk and went out into her backyard and started writing and drawing with our toes. Her kids thought we'd lost our minds. Turns out I was a righty, and she, again, was a lefty. However, she could do almost as well with her right foot as her left - she just felt more comfortable holding the chalk with her left toes.

I can't believe I just posted this. Wow.
Motor activity of Right handed person is controlled by left cerebral cortex & vice -versa for left handed.
actually i do!! i also had tried to write with my left hand but guess what?? it's not as good as using my right hand lol...
I find it especially interesting as I write left handed, but do other things right handed. I'm not exactly sure why,but I think alot of it has to do with the hydrocephalus I had as a baby (and I'm totally healthy now). It's just how my brain worked itself out over the years.

I guess you can say I'm sorta ambedextrious. What makes it really interesting is that my bro and I both write left handed, but my parents are right-handed. My dad's side of the family is almost completely left handed. I"m not so sure on my mom's side of the family...I believe they were righties. So which handedness any future may have could be a complete 50-50 toss up.

Now, what would really strike my interest is learning about personalities through which side of the brain tends to be used more often.
hmm...i never thought about this before. it does make me interested now. to think of it...i have been attracted to lots of left handed a righty. my left hand is so weak...i should try using it more.
Check this out . . . I'm right handed, by husband left handed. We have 6 kids. The 1st - right handed
2nd: left
3rd: right
4th: left
5th: right
6th: not sure yet . . . she's only 1. As of right now, we see her using both hands.
I'm ambidextrous.
I love the look on people’s faces when they realise I can write, throw, arm wrestle, anything; equally with either hand.

I prefer doing things left-handed though, people still find that fascinating.
it does. Som person who is left-handed primarily uses his or her left hand, more so than the right hand; a left-hander will probably use the left hand for tasks such as personal care, cooking, and so on. Writing is not as precise an indicator of handedness as it might seem, a better determining of left-handedness results when the differentiation between an individual's major motor activities versus minor or small muscle motor activities is employed. Thus the applications of one's left-hand for eating, writing and similar minor motor activities would be differentiated from major motor activities such as throwing a ball or swinging a bat, etc. While there are numerous individuals who use their left hand for the minor motor activities, there is a much smaller group of people who are "total lefties" i.e. do both minor and major activities with their left hand.

e people write with two hands. I think it's cool.

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