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Question:Why can the bathroom be a potentially painful place?
please describe..

It could be painful if your constipated! or if you have a UTI that makes it painful to pee! lol Remember to drink cranberry juice!!
Because you can fall if you're not careful.
well, it could be painful if you have a major accient in the bathroom. for girls it could be probably more stuff than guys.
but for either gender..lots of stuff could happen. you could get discusting toilet water on yourself, making it look like you had a bad accident with u rine. you could walk into the wrong se x bathroom, that would be bad also. you could be trying to let out a dumb and have something get stuck, now you're stuck in a public bathroom, not even at home, with a major problem.

shall i continue??
an over exertion on the anal spinkster muscle causing hemorrhaging on the delicate outer skin and slight bleeding
You could trip in the shower and you fall slam your head against the toilet seat then as you get up and the water was still running you could slip and hit your hand against the mirror and as you look in horror you fall backwards back to your bathtub and your hand that is now covered with cut mirror pieces now lands on your eye as you fall.
There are quite a few reasons that the bathroom can be a potentially painful place. First, there's the dreaded bathroom scale. Reading it could be painful, especially if you haven't been counting carbs(or cheating). Second, there's always the potential of slipping in the tub/shower and falling. Third, the dreaded toilets seat falling and smacking your manhood as you 'pump bilges'. Fourth, cutting yourself while shaving(both male and female). Fifth, throwing your back out while engaging in some "good clean fun" while showering(saving water) with your better half. Sixth, and potentially the most dangerous, the flushing toilet while showering !!
It's the room in the house most likely to cause a fall. The most common reason is because people slip on wet floors.

It's also the most common room to find blood! Between men shaving that the sink, women shaving in the shower, and kids bringing bloody "owies" to be bandaged, there is a high likelihood of blood in the bathroom.

The bathroom can also be emotionally painful if you're failing at your diet - if that's where you keep your scale.

It's where you can burn yourself with a curling iron.

It's where you can over-tweeze your eyebrows! ;)

The pains of the intestinal system are also contributors to the "pain".
Delete letter "H" on bathroom!
well if your in the shower/tub if you try to get up you cuold find the soap and slip on it and fall and hit your head on something and could kill youe self.
The bathroom can indeed prove to be a potentially painful place.

For example, looking in the mirror can reveal acne on your face.

Or shaving your legs can produce lots of nicks and cuts,

And singing in the shower can drive your family nuts !

Slipping in the tub most definitely will result in a serious fall,

Not to mention dropping your hair blower in a sink full of water could "end it all".

So try to be mindful of the above-mentioned hazards and just be aware

That if you use proper caution, you can enjoy using the bathroom without being scared !
If your a male and your peeing and you miss the urine could bounce off the wall into your eyes momentarily blinding you,so you start stumbling backwards till you hit your mirror which cuts up your body,at this point you can see and you try to open the door but you locked because you were peeing and you can't turn the knob because there is too much blood on your hand so it keeps on slipping off,so eventualy you die of blood loss and/or starvation.
well, it is in the trivia section so i guess the answer doesn't actually involve all the dangers present when using the bathroom. i still haven't figured it out yet but i believe the answer would be something else than physical pain..
Well, just giving it a risky whirl here : you are either constipated, suffer from a fistula, or while showering and Norman Baits stabs you to death while you shower.

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