Can farting kill people? without the presence of fire.?

Maybe, if a lot of people with severe gas problems were locked together in a tiny room. Even then, I doubt it. Perhaps it could kill someone indirectly. For example, you desperately want this job and you've spent your whole life preparing to get it, and you let one rip during the interview. You don't get the job so you jump off a building. That's about as deadly as farts get.
No, it can't it just kills your sense of smell.
Even with fire it is doubtful that someone would be killed be a fart (at most someone's colon would be burned...but I guess it could happen).

But no, a simple fart can't hurt anyone.
Why would it kill? Farting is one of life's great pleasures.The ability to get off a good fart proves the existence of god.
the smell won't kill people, but they'll laugh till death !
No, but I believe you are suffering from a terminal case of tactlessness, stupidity, and idiocy
dont kill people mom will be angry
The farter can die from terminal flatulence...
I don't know, but a girl I went to college with had to go to the emergency room because she didn't fart...ever.

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