14 across in the mail on sunday crossword? 5th August?

5th day of august
is the answer cabbage?
what was the clue then?????
Not an answer, but sorry I can't resist:-

Do you want the Bananarama CD?
what was the clue and letters and spaces.do you think we are mind readers
Is it a clue? Which crossword straight or cryptic?
I think you are trying to drum up business for the Mail on Sunday - you think we will all run out and get one in order to answer this question? I think not. . .
The prize crossword---don`t know
Sir Lancelot and his page---Mortal sin.
14 across in Sir Lancelot and his Page is MORTAL SIN. "Humans in great wickedness" Human = mortal s+in is leftover.

In the Prize crossword, 14 across Brigid ------ author of the 1967 stage play the burglar is BROPHY her bio is on the link.

hope this helps
Is it "Mindreader"

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