A20: Dinosaur and dragon: real or myth?

According to our biology, dinos existed millions of years ago but dragons remains a mythology.
Dinosaur and dragons tuff question dinosaurs are said to exist billions and billions of years ago. Dragons are more of a myth that most asians and pacific islanders believe in.
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There seems to be a substantial body of amazingly credible physical evidence that dinosaurs existed, probably far earlier than 6000 years ago :))

Dragons definitely exist in other dimensions. Whether they ever inhabited the 3rd dimension, physically, is still a question, i guess. There are schools of thought that they did, but not too much physical evidence as far as i know.
I believe the myth started in ancient times when people unearthed dino bones and didn't know what they were, so the myth about dragons started...just a thought.
In the 1950`s pioneer heart surgeons experimented on certain animals. One such species was crocodiles and their cousins because as a species they are still in their baby form yet grown big. ie by comparison there is very little similarity between an adult human and a newborn baby yet adult and baby crocs are identical bar size. The reason for this is a congenitally defective heart which makes them ideal for experimental surgery.

Most of the creatures died immediately yet the few to survive a couple of months underwent a remarkable physical development. The legs grew longer, raising the bodies much further from the ground, and necks developed into long swanlike structures which enabled the creatures to turn their heads gracefully from side to side. In fact they very much resembled the dragons of mythology.

I believe it is entirely possible for crocodiles to have been born in the past with healthy hearts and therefore developed into the dragon creatures St George and co loved so much

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