Can someone please tell me if this is a cockroach! :S?

Question:Hi guys and girls, just found this little critter in my room, I'm panicking that it is a cockroach but I can't really find one that looks simlar although I've just read that there are over 300 types, it has a round head, then a square bit behind that then and oval shape, very similar to a cockroach, its a dark reddy brown in colour and has quite shorts antennas (is that what they're called?) from what i can see its legs arent hairy like i think they would be if it was, i hope to god this is just a beetle! Please see the link to the pictures, thanks alot! Jess

Cockroach? :

Chill out its a common beetle found everywhere. just throw him/her out and settle down on YA...
And its beneficial in our gardens...
Have a read about your friend...
I can't open the pictures.
I can't either
Looks like a beetle
just looks like a regular beetle to me. Although I wouldn't take my word for it, I freak out at the site of moths...
No it's a ground beetle.
Looks like a young rain beetle! Yuck, I had one a few weeks ago and couldn't get the silly thing to stay outside, so then had to resort to trying to kill it, easier said than done cos they have really hard exoskeletons!
Whatever it is, you should have crushed the damn thing! Now you've let it go and its coming for ME now...
it is a beetle of some sort, the wings give it away. Mind you there are more types of beetles than there are of beer.
nope its a beetle
There are more than 400 types of cockroach. I once met a guy who did his PhD on cockroaches! How weird is that?
Can't open the pics, but don't panic! Try obtaining a pet gecko or two. They love cockroaches! For breakfast, lunch and dinner. Had a couple in my flat in Hong Kong - no problem with cockroaches.

In Mumbai my flatmate insisted on getting rid of the geckos and we had loads of problems with cockroaches, there were tiny black and white ones which actually lived in the door insulation of our very dodgy fridge.
the photo is not in question has Jess got one or not.

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