Class Rings: how long did you wear yours?

Question:I wore mine for 10 years, until I had to take it off because of pregnancy (my hands swelled up). I plan on replacing it someday, I really liked mine. It was a "fashion" styled ring that you wouldn't know was a class ring unless you looked at it closely. It was my first "real" (ie not cheap fake gold) piece of jewelry. It was 14K white gold with an alexandrite and two diamonds set in hearts.

2 years. Nobody wore theirs in college.
Well i've been wearing mines for 3 years now since I got mines my jr year of high school and i'm still wearing it!! I think you might be able to get it resized or shaped or something depending on what company you got your ring through.
I wore my Highschool ring for a few years and then got my College ring and wore that for 5 years.
i still wear mine- but on my pinkie now. mine was differant too.
Wear your class ring as long as you want. I wore mine until I was married on my left hand then I switched it to my right for 15 year. When I had my first child I replaced the class ring with a mothers ring on my right ring finger. Then I had the ring re sized and I wear it on my right baby finger. Next to my marriage and my daughter, my college graduation is my next most important thing in my life.
I never got one I would rather have an engagement ring or a wedding band instead. I remember when friendship rings were in.
i still wear mine it has been 10 years and now i have a college ring right beside it. it is my most prized posection besides my kids
I outgrew my high school class ring within a year because it was sized wrong and not the one I had ordered (everyone else in my class of 1966 had a stone in theirs, but mine didn't). I didn't have another class ring until I went to college in 1972, and mine was white gold as well with a blue topaz. Just this year I replaced my high school ring with one I designed at (this time I had a stone--my favorite, an amethyst--put in; had my high school mascot (a mustang horse) on both sides, and my name put on it. This one is titanium, however, instead of white gold but it looks the same.

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