Can can you tell me something that has happened to you that is really unique ?

Question:i was stung in the mouth by a bee.It was in a can of soda i left on the table at a park..frickin stung me under my tounge..hurt like a s.o.b.

well if you are talking about bees i got stung in the ear and then the bee died but we couldn't get it out. i had to go to hospital and they put all these funny things down my ear.
My case is kinda of similiar. I was 5 yrs old when i was stung by a bee when i was sucking a lollipop :( It hurt like hell and started crying. Thank god i didnt swallow it by accident or anything
for a week straight my curtains in my bedroom kept glowing orange like a fire was out side,but everytime I looked out nothing was there,then one night I didnt look out even though it was orange,and the house behind mine was on fire and a 3 year old little girl died.
I spoke with Bob Dylan about his lyrics

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