Brain Teaser anyone?

Question:On my way to Las VegasI met a man with seven wives. Each wife had seven sacks; each sack had seven cats; each cat had seven kits. Kits, cats, wives and sacks – how many were going to Las Vegas?

One.That would be you!
Umm you were. =)
One...the man was going to Las Vegas...he just met all the wives, cats, kits, and sacks!
None, necessarily. You met them on your way, therefore their destination may or may not be the same as yours. You could however have any combination of between 1 and 2,401 kits, cats, wives, and sacks, because all of the place they're traveling to could be different.

But, if you are including yourself a guaranteed 1 person going to Las Vegas , and they could all be going different places.
None, you were the one on the way to Las Vegas.
Ummm, isn't bigamy illegal in Nevada? Haha... Sorry, I just had to add that bit.
no one they were already there ;)
just you
the answer is zero- if you read the Q correctly...
'' Kits, cats, wives and sacks – how many were going to Las Vegas?''
None of the above. therefore 0.

the original riddle referenced St Ives, which makes more rhyming sense.
only you because it literally said on MY WAY TO LAS VEGAS I met.. so the people you met were probably going some place else or going home
one, duh everybody's heard this.
None, you were going to Las Vegas. But if they did go, it would be 16,807.
I heard this one over 50 years!! Then, the person was going to St Ives (Cornwall, UK).
The answer is still the same though! Just one person. Yourself.
The answer is 1, but I'm kind of wondering where some of these other numbers are coming from:

There's 7 wives
49 sacks
343 cats
2401 kits

So in total this story references 2802 travellers or things (including the narrator).

And to be honest, the sacks, cats, and kits shouldn't really count as travellers (Otherwise, whenever I travel, I can use the carpool lane, since I can count my luggage or my dog), so there are really only nine possible travellers (the narrator, the bigamist, and the 7 wives) to be counted.
Just one (the man on his way to Las Vegas).

The man he met was coming back FROM Las Vegas, not to Las Vegas.
Just you babe
One, you..

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