For the 65+s : What do the following men have in common?

Question:(In no particular order) Stuart Hibberd, Bruce Belfrage, Frank Philips, John Snagge, Wilfred Pickles, Franklyn Engelmann? 10 points for the one with the best memory!

Did they all read the news on the radio?
All old-time British comedians
Wifred Pickles has me beat, but I think the others were commentators or news-readers, I can remember Mr Snagge
They were all broadcasters/commentators
Wilfed pickles read the news, john snagge commentated on the boat race.were they all broadcasters?
John Snagge was a BBC News reader during WW2. He also did the short voice over for any news item [fake] to be read out during an episode of "Dad's Army".

Wilfred Pickles used to have a radio show and give out prizes. Came from the North somewhere or other.

The rest I never heard of.
I'm just a baby, (63) and I recognise 3 names: Frank Philips, John Snagge and Wilfred Pickles. Did they all come from Yorkshire?
Or did they all host 'Any questions' on steam radio?
all are dead??
Radio Announcers.

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