3 meanings?

Question:when you say, i am reading a book in my room,,does it meann,,

1; i am in my room and reading a book(any book)

2;i am reading a book which is in my room,,,

3;i am reading a book which was in my room(im not in my room now)

It's not #3, as there is no inference of past tense in the sentence.

It could be #2, though I would be more inclined to say, "I am reading a book that is in my room." were it the case that only the book and not I myself was in the room.

So, I'll have to go with #1 being the best definition, though it would be more clear to reorder the sentence and say, "I am in my room reading a book."
should be 1;
answer would be # 1 but i would like to rephrase it as I AM IN MY ROOM,READING A BOOK. =)
obviously 1 :)
1; i am in my room and reading a book(any book)

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