☼ wants to know.Can you write a little story that includes these "C" song titles?

Question:I'm going to go through the alphabet.
Nope. This is not homework...Just some wholesome ,creative FUN on YA.

1. Country Sunshine
2. C'est La Vie, (You Never Can Tell)
3. Can't You Hear My Heart Beat?
4. Cathy's Clown
5. Cry Cry ('til The Sun Shines)
6. Chances Are

Marshall Matt Dillon was in the mood for a truly relaxing day, where he could totally relax, unwind and forget all about his troubles. He arrived at his girlfriends farm bright and early and she greeted him with a sleepy eyed kiss.
"How about we take a trip into the country, Sunshine honey?"
He asked.
She LOVED the idea and quickly prepared a picnic lunch for the two of them.
As they flew with the wind, each reflected on their own private thoughts. Sunshine rode, her arms wrapped around Matt's waist, her chest presed against his back thinking of how happy loving him made her."Can't You Hear My Heart Beat?" she mused. He thought of the wonderful day ahead they both had in store for them.
They finally reached the destination Matt had in mind. It was a perfectly beautiful stretch of country overlooking a lovely waterfall. As Sunshine spread out the blanket he could not help but think of his insane good luck. "C'est La Vie" he said. looking over at his girl, "You can never tell when life will hand you true happiness"

Chances are this would be the end of this happy little story but NOOOOOO.. There were two more phrases to get in!!

Cathy's clown arrived on the peaceful scene.
"Sunshine, you wanted me in this story, didn't you?"
Sunshine did not reply.
Cathy's clown took that as a 'yes' and started singing her own rendition of "Cry Cry ('til The Sun Shines)"
Sunshine thought a moment, then quickly highlighted the two "excess" phrases and pressed "delete" in her minds eye. Just like magic they both disappeared!! She got back to the matter at hand, laying out the lovely lunch she had prepared for her and Matt!
once upon a time...there was a princess :O
x] and she lived in the Country Sunshine and she fell in love with a bum named Alfie...Chances Are he just loves her cause she has a lot of money. And she asked him "Can't You Hear My Heart Beat?" he said "You Can Never Tell...(i took out the c'est la vie?)" and she said then who do you love?" and he replied "Cathy's Clown". and bad enough it started raining on her country sunshine...so now shes gonna cry cry till the sun shines. x]

im bored.
1.) Chances are, that you don't really know that I am, a person, with real feelings.
Yes,2.) C'est La Vie, where I may be tomorrow or the next day, but here's hoping that I am far, far, away from here when morning comes.
Carl dropped his head; he could not believe what he was hearing. "Come on Cathy, you can't mean that". Carl began to laugh,and said;" I will go with you!" 3.) "Can't you hear my heartbeat?"
Cathy: I need some 1.) Country sunshine and I will never have that here!
Carl: 4.) Cathy's clown,is that what you want me to be? Tell me!
Cathy: "You can 5.) Cry Cry 'til the sun shines. I am tired of this life style". "You only want me for my looks, Carl".
"And I just don't believe anymore, that a 7 ft. bearded woman can't do any better than this freak show!"
*a sad sappy tale of unrequited love* ---> *yawn*

(LINE) CATHY'S CLOWN went to the sticks to get some(LINE) COUNTRY SUNSHINE. She had planned a rendezvous with her lover. Overwhelmed with the expectancy of seeing his face yet another time, she claps his photo to her heart and melancholically she sighs (LINE) CAN'T YOU HEAR MY HEART BEAT?
Unbeknown to her, he had found another lover, and would not be awaiting her arrival as originally planned. (LINE) CHANCES ARE she'll (LINE) CRY CRY ('TIL THE SUN SHINES). ahhh, (LINE) C'EST LA VIE (YOU CAN NEVER TELL).
----->> ****THE END**** <<-------
Cathy's clowning around was just driving me up the wall. I mean, here I was on the farm lying in my lawn chair trying to take in the country sunshine on my day off from work.

"Am I annoying you, Sis? Am I annoying you yet, Sis?", she would ask me repeatedly in her pesky little way.

"Will you just COOL it?", I snapped back, "Enough is enough! Just cool it, okay, Sis?"

"All right, All right...!! Geez, you don't have to be sooo freakin' uptight about this...", she replied sobbingly.

"Yeah, yeah, cry, cry, 'til the sun shines... Grow up!", I mumbled.

Just then, the back door of the house opened wide, and you could hear the boombox inside playing Mom's favorite song... Elton John's "Can You Feel the Love Tonight?." Next thing I knew Mom stormed out to where Sis and I were lounging around.

"Sam, I have BAD news for you", she said frantically, speaking a-mile a-minute. "Your boyfriend's been in a terrible tractor accident... He is at the hospital undergoing surgery and will have to undergo major rehabilitation therapy. Chances are that he will be confined to a wheelchair; the docs don't know if he will ever be able to walk again..."

"NOOOOOO!! NO!! Not my dear Avery! My poor Avery! Oh, my poor, poor Avery!", I wailed away. How my heart ached for him!

The next day, the surgeon from the hospital called Mom to say that the surgery was a successful. Mom, Sis, and I all breathed a sigh of relief. At least my Avery was still alive. I don't know what I would have done if he died. I was the first gal that he ever dated, and he was the first guy that I ever dated. We were high school sweethearts. The love that we shared, our friendship, the bond between us, we were inseparable bosom buddies.

Learning of the good news, Mom asked when we could come in to see him. "It will be a while before he can have any visitors", Dr. Alexander answered. "But the worst is over. It's just recovery from here on. He'll be in ICU for a couple of days."

When Wednesday came, Mom, Sis, and I jumped into the pickup truck and drove to the hospital. The hospital was not really the easiest to get to, but at least we HAD a hospital that was an hour's drive away. This is farmland we're talking about. in No Man's Land... but that's the price you pay to have the full enjoyment of rural life as well as privacy.

Upon arriving at the hospital, we went to the Information Desk and found out that Avery was in room C316... so we had to get to Annex C and take the elevator up to the 3rd floor. I was so excited, yet scared at the same time, to see Avery. Would I be prepared enough for this? Will my love for him be prepared for this. I had hope that seeing Avery would have no bearing on my deep love for him. But it was the fear of the unknown that made me question my love for him. I hope I will still love him.

As we got to his room, I could see from where I was standing in the hallway a guy sitting in the hospital bed with his head bandaged up, his arm casted and in a sling, and his whole leg bandaged up and in a sling that hung from the ceiling. "Wow..", I thought to myself. "I really was not expecting this..."

"Hi, sweetie!", he greeted me cheerfully. "How's it going?"

"I dunno. I'm not exactly sure how I'm feeling these days. I've really been questioning my love for you...", I said in my own sadful way.

"Why? What's wrong, babe? I don't know about you, but I'm pretty sure about my love for you... Come now... put your head on my chest and listen. Can't you hear my heart beat? My heart is beating ever so strongly and the strength with which it beats, that's how strongly I feel about you. I LOVE you, Honeybunches, and no accident as bad as it may be is gonna change that love I have for you. Do you believe me?"

"Oh, I guess so. Yeah, I do hear your heart beating away. At the rate it's beating, though, it's a wonder you haven't had a heart attack yet!", I replied.

"Oh, don't be silly! I'm as healthy as a horse that I'm prih-tee (pretty) sure that I'm not gonna drop dead tomorrow. Look at these healthy lungs of mine...!" And Avery took a deep breath. "See, I got myself a pair of healthy lungs... I got myself a strong heart. and my love for you. nothing will be able to separate me from you...! Honest to goodness, and that's the TRUTH!"

"Yeah...", I sighed. "I guess I'm just tired..."

"Sam, things like this happen all the time. accidents happen to good people. C'est la vie, you never can tell when these things are going to happen so you just have to take one day at a time and live it, live it like it's gonna be your last. I love you... that's why I love you so deeply like I do... because we just don't know if tomorrow will come or what it will bring..."

It was such a comfort to hear those soothing words from Avery. Avery... he's so level-headed. He's always able to talk some sense into me. And I consider myself one lucky gal to have such a guy who would put up with me.

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