☼ wants to know...Can you write a little story that includes these phrases?

Question:1. In the grand scheme of things, this is not a big deal.
2. It feels like a sauna, outside.
3. Is there ANYONE who does not have your cell number?
4. What to do. What to do..Woe is me.
5. That is very sweet of you....But the answer is NO.
6. When you're going through hell, don't slow down.

LOL .. he thought it was your homework! a-duh.. btw i liked your answer..

okay i'm going to work on this one.... i can't promise a good story, lol, but i'm going to work on this..

Let's see what's on TV....

< "I saved a ton of money on my car insurance by switching to geico. *click*
*********---------static------... *********
<" . i just dont know what to do Roberto! I love you and i cannot be without you... *sighs* but, you know full well that my uncle's cousin's father's mother's stepson's evil twin, Eduardo, has come back from the dead the thrid time and lies in a pretend coma until his diabolical plot to take over the world is completed. I would love to run away with you to the island that you own in the Phillippines, but i promised him before he faked his 2nd death that i would never leave the country because he has kidnapped my daughter and is holding her for ransom in a small room in Tulsa. and i must tell you that you are his half-brother...(line) WHAT TO DO. WHAT TO DO. WOE IS ME.." *click*
*********----------static-----... **********
< And now for the weather... Good afternoon Long Beach! boy is it gonna be a schorcher today! (line) IT FEELS LIKE A SAUNA OUTSIDE.... it's 98 degrees right now with a high of 101!!... heat index at 105! can you believe it! wooooa man! i'll tell you! (line) WHEN YOU'RE GOING THROUGH HELL, DON'T SLOW DOWN!!... *click*
*********---------static------... *********
< So Rosie, tell me, are you disappointed about leaving the View? ---
Well you know Reig, (line) IN THE GRAND SCHEME OF THINGS, THIS IS NOT A BIG DEAL. sooo-ho-ho-ho-oooo not a big deal! . so not a big deal!
Oh wow that's a great outlook Rosie, fabulous, fabulous, you know that's why i respect you!
Oh how right you are Kelly! Oh how right you are. Hey Rosie, how about you come and work with us here on our show? Whatddya say? Come on, be a sport. ha ha ha
Awwww Reg, what i can say? (line) THAT IS VERY SWEET OF YOU.... BUT THE ANSWER IS NO. *click*
*********---------static------... **********
< *ring ring* oh, this is God calling, i have to get this. hello?
---- *shakes head* no.
---- *music* swith to the family talk plan for only $9.95 a month. *click*
*********---------static------... *********

..... as usual, there's nothing on TV.

*sighs*.. lol, i did say i couldn't promise a good story! lol
oh well... you win some, you lose some LOL. *smiles*
I aint doing your homework for you mate!!
For those of you who have asked the question 'Is there ANYONE who does not have your cell number?" I recommend a trip to Tahiti where life is slow and 'unconnected".

As you walk off the plane, at once you notice, it feels like a sauna, outside. You get adjusted to it soon and you'll find yourself choosing between going to the beach or hiking though the mountains.

The beach is the pick of most people and for those you choose the other I have a suggestion. In the grand scheme of things, this is not a big deal. The rural folk can be described as humanitarians but not in the usual definition of the word. If you're asked to join them for dinner and your panic ed thought is asking "What to do. What to do...Woe is me.." Say: "That is very sweet of you.But the answer is NO".

If confronted with this situation you'll most certainly understand the phrase"When you're going though hell, don't slow down". Hope to see you on the beach.very soon. :)
What to do. What to do..Woe is me. He had had a big argument with his girlfriend. Her phone had rung during a passionate moment and she had chosen to answer. Maybe if it hadn't of been the "I'm Your Only Love" ring tone he wouldn't of been so mad. She took the phone call in the next room but he still heard her say "That is very sweet of you....But the answer is NO not right now. I can come over in an hour or so, however." Storming into the room he screamed, "Is there ANYONE who does not have your cell number?". He ran out the door. "God, It feels like a sauna, outside" he murmured under his breath. He could hear his dad's words in the back of his head, "When you're going through hell, don't slow down". It seemed appropriate as he speed through Hell, Michigan*.

He didn't stop driving till the next day. When he stopped to eat, the most beautiful women he had ever seen took his order. They chatted awhile. She was obliviously flirting with him. When he got his check, call me with a number was scribbled on the back of the check.

He checked in to a local hotel and called her number shortly after her shift ended. They meet and to make a long story short... In the grand scheme of things, this [yesterday] was not a big deal.

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