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Question:It's a pun - a guy says - ''He told me to stopy risking my money and start frisking my money." What does frisk mean in this context? Can you provide a synonym or a simpler word. Thnaks.

I always thought frisking meant being searched i.e being frisked by the police.So maybe searching for my money would be a better choice of wording.Or patdown would be another word that could replace frisking
it can mean to inspect or to examine
I would think that "frisk" means either to search for or look for, much the same thing.
verb [T]
to use your hands to search someone's body when they are wearing clothes for hidden illegal objects or weapons:
We were all frisked at the airport.

Frisk, search, body search, pat down, examine, inspect
I thought it was "stop risking my money and start frisking my honey" Meant stop wasting time and start loving your woman. A frisk is a term for a police search I thought (sorry if it's already been said)

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