"vYou Called my bluff"... what does it exactly mean?

Question:I have learnt that this is a TV game show... Isnt it an idiom aswell? Can we use it as follows
1)He called my bluff
2) I called his bluff

Please expalin the meaning... I will be grateful

Thx in advance

In the card game called POKER, the person who is bluffing knows his cards do not constitute a winning hand but continues to bet and thereby stay in the game causing the other players to think he has a better hand than he actually holds.

As the play ends and that person had just made a bet on his worthless hand, the other players must bet the same amount of leave the game. If decide to stay in the game they go ahead and bet saying "I CALL".

When this happens and the game ends all the players present their cards showing who has the winning hand. The person who was bluffing then can say "YOU CALLED MY BLUFF"

In everyday life many people say
which means
It means, "I am bluffing, and you have exposed (called me out on) this bluff."
"You called my bluff" is a term in Poker in particular stating that when a person is lying or thinking they can win with the cards. When a person raises quite a lot of money and lose by a rather low card configuration then that player is bluffing.
A bluff is a lie or a fib, and calling someone's bluff means challenging and exposing them by saying you don't believe them. This happens in games, but also in general.

And yes, it is appropriate to say "He called my bluff" and "I called his bluff."
To call someone's bluff: to expose a person's deception; challenge someone to carry out a threat: He always said he would quit, so we finally called his bluff.


[Origin: 1665–75; perh. < LG bluffen to bluster, frighten; akin to MD bluffen to make a trick at cards]
yah it means exposing someone and people before me answered it in the best way
you get better answers than mine

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