R ◙ Okay.. Story writers..Ready for something new??

Question:The first 6 people to post ONE phrase that they would like to have listed, will have their phrase listed. ( IT MUST BEGIN WITH THE LETTER ► " R " ◄)
So instead of me making up the phrases..YOU have a hand in it!!
Confused? You'll see... It's really quite simple.
█ If you are not one of the first 6 responders, you are still invited to write a story and compete. ◄◄ Good luck and have FUN~~~~~~~~~

The night sky was rolling back and the sun was in the process of preparing to make it's appearance, but Noah was already up.. The coffee was brewing and the bacon was already in the skillet.

He rubbed his hands together in anticipation and glanced out the dew stained window. "(Rise up, oh blessed sun!) That's right we're going to need you to shine bright for us today! Yeah!!"

He heard the creaking of the stairs and turned to see his wife trudging into the kitchen. "Abby my love!" he poured her a cup of the freshly brewed coffee and sat down next to her as she plopped herself at the kitchen table.

"Noah, it's REALLY early. Do we really have to do this EVERY year? She was talking about the annual Animal-Rock Fest that he sponsered each year on THEIR property.
All their neighbours bought their pets and farm animals over. The people played the rock music and the ANIMALS sang!
It was on those days she wondered why she married this man.

Noah got up and flipped the bacon. The shrill ring of the telephone startled them both. Noah picked up..
"Hello? Hey how you doing. I'm..what? No, no no no..(Rita, are you bringing your horse again)? I told you the concert is only for small animals. That ole nag of yours is wayyy to big! ...What? Yes you can bring the pig. Yep..uh huh..see you later!"
Noah hung up the phone and went back to the stove. "Okay baby, it's real simple..after breakfast we'll get the boys in town to come and set up the stage and..
"No, it's (really not simple.)" Abby interjected. "Sam and Timmy are away at college, and Chubby has a broken leg. How we gonna do this on our own?"
"Oh..yeah I forgot about that. I'll figure something out"

And as usual her enterprising husband did. He found some help, and not five hours later the concert was in full swing.
The animals were howling and clucking and oinking all in unison on stage and the audience were eating it up. Gales of laughter all around and people dancing to the music.

Then it was time for the duet. Their dog Shaggy, and the neighbour's cat Rockie each year regaled the audience with a love song. Noah tuned his guitar and with the band playing the duet started. This year though, Rockie wasn't feeling up to it and she turned over onto her back and started to drift off to sleep.

Noah bent down and tapped the tabby's stomach.."Uh (roll over Rockie)," come on..roll over don't fall asleep!" When Noah saw there was no budging her, he sighed and turned to his dog. "Okay, Shaggy, it's all up to you. Feel like doing a solo?
Shaggy looked up at his master with his Bloodhound eyes
"Rut-Roh!" he barked.
"(Rut-Roh Shaggy)! Rock on! I hear you boy! He turned to the audience. "He agreed to do a solo folks!"
The crowd cheered.
"This song is called "(Rock on Forever)! Hit it Shaggy!"
And under the late afternoon sun, that's exactly what Shaggy did.
Really not simple...
Rock on forever.
Roll over rockie
Rut-roh Shaggy!
Rita, are you bringing your horse again?
Rise up, oh blessed sun!
"Rise up, oh blessed sun!" said Emily as she turned to her husband to say "Roll over Rockie" it's morning. You have to call Rita to see if she is coming over for brunch. Okay dear I will in a few. Rockie gets up and grabs the phone. (dials number) hello "Rita, are you bringing your horse again?" (Rita is talking on the other line.) alright says Rockie be here at 10. As Emily is in the kitchen preparing brucnh Rockie is in the living room watching Scooby Doo really loud. as Scooby says "Rut-roh Shaggy!" Emily gets startled and drops the eggs. This is "really not simple" i can't even prepare eggs. Well Rockie I tried to cook for you for the first time but i just can't do it. I think im going to call a caterer. Rockies whispers to himself alright my plan worked now I can change the channel. "Rock on forever"!

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