A brainteaser I forgot the answer to?

Question:There are two identical looking guards in front of identical looking gates. One leads to heaven and one to hell. One guard is a demon who can only tell lies, no truth. One is a angel who can only tell truth, no lies. You may only ask one question to determine which gate. What is the question?

"If you were the other guard, which gate would would you tell me to go in?" Then you go on the other one.
I'd look at the gate on the right, and ask is this the right gate.
lol idk.
You have to put one more condition. One who guards heaven's gate speaks truth and the one guarding hell's gate always lies. Then it will be possible by one question only.
Check that!
You ask, "Which gate would the other guard say leads to heaven?"

The demon will answer, "This one."
The angel will answer, "That one."
ask one of them.."am i dead"...
if he says yes 'he' is the angel.if he says 'no' he is the demon

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