☼ wants to know.Can you write a little story that includes these " K " song titles?

Question:I'm going to go through the alphabet.
Nope. This is not homework...Just some wholesome ,creative FUN on YA.
1. Killing Me Softly
2. Kneeling Drunkard’s Plea
3. Knowing Me, Knowing You
4. Kiss,Kiss,Kiss
5. Knockin' On Heaven's Door
6. Kamikaze

Life can get interesting when a bird-brain gets mixed up in it. In this case, it happens to be my African Gray parrot, Kamikaze. I'm not sure who gave him the name, but it fits him well. I bought him three years ago. He was sitting on his perch in the corner of the petshop and must have felt lonely, because he was talking up a storm. "Lulu loves lemons," he said clearly, then gave a wolf whistle. "Shut up, you damn bird," he said as an afterthought. I laughed. I had come in to get hamster pellets, but ended up taking him home.

After that, Kamikaze became part of my little world. He talked constantly. His dead-on imitation of sounds was almost eerie. He could be hilarious, but he also had an uncanny knack for ruining intimate moments with the opposite sex.

Recently, I came home with someone after a blind date. The guy was drop-dead handsome, witty and courteous. Ten minutes into the date I was competely smitten. We got back to my place and I asked him in for a nightcap. We sat on the couch. He put his arm around me and soon we were kissing. Out of the dark kitchen, a chiding voice said, "Kiss, kiss, kiss". "What was that?" he asked, startled. "Oh, that's just my pet parrot," I said nonchalantly. "Don't pay any attention to him."

We had a few drinks and talked some more. My date had gotten quite tipsy. The suave personality was gone, replaced by a mushy, over-sentimental loon. "Oh, Laura, I loooove you!" he said thickly, and planted a sloppy kiss on me. Yuck. He was pawing at me and I kicked him off the couch. "Ah, you're killing me softly," he said. "How about a little lovin'?" The witty conversation had degenerated into a kneeling drunkard's plea.

I stood, hauled him up by the seat of the pants and pushed him toward the door. "Time to go, Buddy," I said. "Make sure you get a cab." But honey, things were going so well," he said blearily. I cleared my throat. "Knowing me, knowing you, I don't think things are going to work out," I said.
He began to protest and pushed back. Now I was getting worried. The guy was tall and outweighed me by at least 75 pounds.

Kamikaze squawked and said in a Humphrey Bogart style voice, "Let her go, pal, or you'll be knockin' on heaven's door!" Then there was the sound of a police siren, followed by a car door slamming. An official sounding voice said, "we know you're in there. Come out slowly with your hands up." The color drained out of my date's face. "Oh my God!" he said, shaking. "I never thought this would happen." He opened the door, put his hands in the air and walked out. I slammed the door shut and locked it, then called 911. The real cops were there in 10 minutes and Romeo never had to call a taxi. So, Kamikaze had crashed another date. This time I didn't mind.
LOL This is funny! My intent is just to help you out! LOL
So this is a story about WW2. Told from the point of view of a sensitive young member of the US navy on a mission in the Pacific, as he writes a diary to his girlfriend back at home.

"Two Kamikaze pilots whizzed overhead just half an hour ago. It wasn't our ship this time. But this doesn't make much of a difference. It's the fear that is killing my spirit. Killing me softly from the inside out. Those men are willing to make the biggest sacrifice of all. And for what? I am not sane any longer, I am drunk with fear, agony, futility. Please, let me go home - that's my kneeling drunkard's plea. All of my enthusiasm is long dead. Going to this place was like knocking on heaven's door in advance. I am so sure that I will die before I see you again. But at least I have had the pleasure of knowing this world, knowing me, knowing you, and wanting to stay alive until the last minute. Kiss, kiss, kiss, my love."

LOL, hope it's not too corny for ya!
hi mate, just come in from pub and picked up your message wuld love to do tis in moening but cant see right now lol remind me in morning gehhe hehh how did j go???

Ach sod it here oes, gonna tak4 m awhile though as can hardly see keyboard lo

I was sat in the rear yard of my mates house listening to music at this so called party of hers, the music playing was KILLING ME SOFTLTY and it realy was, it was so slow and smochy when that was the last thing I felt like, but it wasn't all bad as thAT lad who had been afgter me for aw while was with me, he was between my legs on ihis hand s and knees giving me the usual KNEELING DRUNKARDS PLEA when they want to get you into bed, but I was not falling for that. I am my own woman.

At that point my mate came ovr to me and said KNOWING ME, KNOWING YOU how we act around drunk lads who want lots of KISS KSS KISSES then you will turn the other cheek and they may aswel be KNOCING ON HEAVENS DOOR or is that hells dor for all he wil get out of you tonight.To which I replied well he is boring me, fancy a game of worms on the ps 2 as I fancy having fub, and when I send a worm of on a KAMIKAZE mission it is more fn than this dweep tying to romance me.

I guess if ou can read amongst the drubken one finger typng lnes then it isn't too bad but I tried hard, well to type properly.


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