"KEEPING UR FINGERS CROSSED"---- what does it mean??

I do that just to avoid a teacher from calling me...or to avoid something bad.
nothing its the stupudest thing i have ever heard
it means whatever your hoping for will come true...
it means hoping for a positive outcome
It's a superstition based on the use of the cross to ward off evil. People cross their fingers to prevent something bad from happening.
for good luck or in other situations saying your telling the truth but when your fingers are crossed it means your lying.
its an expression that means your waiting hopefully for something

"so, did you win the contest?"
"i dont know, i'm keeping my fingers crossed though!"
you've never heard the phrase "keep your fingers crossed"?
it means like for good luck.. you know like " i hope I win the lottery, I'm going to keep my fingers crossed".
thats great, i've never heard of anyone that didn't know that. I hope I could help !!
It's from early Christianity. It means making the sign of the cross to ward off evil.
It's a very old saying in the book...it can mean that if your making a promise to someone while crossing your fingers behind your back that means that your not going to keep your promise.or when your hoping for something good and your crossing your fingers, i guess that means you might get it i guess.

To hope that nothing will happen to bring bad luck or to ruin one s plans.
it means what ever your hoping for/wishing for will come true.
DOESNT work though. so idk why people are still at it.
Hoping for the best
It means you are hoping for something really badly that you just have to get what you want Good Luck!
Hoping for good luck.

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