"he knows you will give up the sex anytime he wants it.thats all guys want is a ditzy chick like you "

Question:What does this sentence mean??

Where I live, the word "ditzy" refers to someone who is not very smart. As for the first part of the sentence, the guy is claiming his girlfriend gives in to his demands for sex whether she wants it or not, but does it simply because she thinks he will "love" her forever. And, the only type of girl he wants is someone who'll do what he wants no questions asked. If you are the girl in question, be smarter than that. YOU have control over your body, not someone else--especially some dipstick who thinks love is found between his legs and not in his heart and soul.
ditzy usually mean glamorous chick realli.. and that sentence is looking like that hes tryin to call you "easy" meaning that you will give up sex fast no matter the circumstances...
"Ditzy" means that the person, usually female, doesn't have much common sense and isn't too smart. This sentence means that boys want a dumb girl because they'll give them sex whenever they want it.

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