"human being" is more a verb than a noun.?

Only if the context of the sentence it's being used in makes it so.
No, Mr. Philosophy. It can only be a noun.
Are you proposing that it be a transitive verb or an intransitive one?

Joe tried to human being an artichoke?

Bill tried to human being?

What does it *mean*, "to human being"?

It appears that you need to learn what the parts of speech are, and what they do.
No. "Human being" is a noun. It is the name we call homo sapiens, a person. There is nothing about it that makes it a verb. If you're confused by the verb "to be" this verb does not apply to the term "human being".
No, Being Human would be a verb
It is a noun .

But thanks for making us think. Is a Human different than a Human being?
I like that actually...

Human and human being are both used as nouns to describe a member of our species. But I believe the statement is trying to say that the phrase "a human being" can be said to be synonomous with the phrase "a person existing" by splitting it down into component parts. In which case, yes, the 'being' is a verb.

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