A word that rhymes with memory.?

Question:I need a word that rhymes with memory for a poem i'm writing...and I just need this one last word and I'm done. Any words? Thanks

There are a couple of different ways you can go with this.

A) as one answer mentioned, you might not find a suitable rhyme, in which case you want to consider OTHER possibilities -- rewriting the line to use a different, related word, or changing the order to put something completely different there.

I would always recommend playing with a variety of phrasings to provide different rhyming possibilities. In general, I recommend looking for words that have a lot of rhymes -- esp. words whose accent is near the end, since the rhyme must take account of everything from the accented syllable on... so the further back the accent, the more you must match. So, in place of "memory" (accent on third syllable from end), you might work on something with:

* 'reMEMber' > words that rhyme with 'ember' or 'ender' will work (e.g., tender, (sur)render, sender, gender)
* reCALL(ed) > rhymes of "ALL" (ball, call, fall, hall, wall, enthrall(ed), etc)

B) Rhyme with MEMORY -- may work a bit better than some think, but you have to be careful

- you do NOT have to have a "perfect" rhyme (in which all sounds from the vowel of the accented syllable to word-end match EXACTLY); good poetry often uses "near rhyme"... in which MANY of the sounds match or come very close, esp. the vowels ("assonance"). How close a match is needed will depend on the context. You'll have to test that for yourself.

- but you DO have to take account of all the sounds from accented syllable on -- including making sure the rhyme accents the same syllable (at least in most cases). That is, matching "-ry" or "-ory" is not enough.

_ one other consideration: are you pronouncing "memory" with two syllables or three? both are possible, but your choice may rule out a number of the suggestions below, which may not have the same option. (Most of these depend on a three-syllable pronunciation.)

So here are some possibilities:

1) "perfect rhymes" - emery, stemmery

(warning -- people often list anything they find on sites like rhymezone, but it includes many personal names, esp. RARE ones, which are not likely to provide you with usable rhymes)

2) "NEARLY perfect rhymes" -- note that the /m/ and /n/ sounds are extremely close. As a result the following which only exchange these sounds, may work very well:

decennary, denary, hennery, plenary, senary, venary, venery, vicenary

The pity is, it is doubtful you'll find much so far that works (except perhaps 'plenary' if your readers know the word)

3) "near rhymes" which match ALL the vowels and add and/or exchange a consonant sound -- grouped and listed in very ROUGH order from 'nearer' to 'more distant'

penury, century

alimentary, complementary, complimentary, elementary, filamentary, integumentary, parliamentary, rudimentary, sedimentary, supplementary, testamentary

exemplary, peremptory

dispensary, sensory

reverie, devilry, revelry

celery, hellery, helotry

feretory, pedlery
peppery, preceptory

directory, interjectory, nectary, protectory, rectory, refectory, sectary, trajectory
accessory, intercessory, pessary, possessory

All of these end with /-ree/, which will probably serve you best, but may not be absolutely necessary. A bit more distant, but possibly usable are words like -
enmity, entity
amenity, lenity, obscenity, serenity

(Two-syllable rhymes - every, Henry, entry, sentry, empty, envy)

4) "near rhymes" in which most consonant sounds match, but the accented vowel is slightly different:

symmetry, synergy, injury
summery, summary, mummery, gunnery, nunnery
flimflammery, granary
What about a phrase, one that ends in "for me," or something else that fits?
Example: "That would be the end for me."
demeree, emery, emmery, emory, kemery, lemery

Those are words I pulled from Rhymezone.com. If you need anything else, check out that site, it should help.
"Emery" rhymes but I can't imagine it would fit your poem - your could try most words that end 'ory' - something like allegory. For a list of words that rhyme you can check out this website:
how about 'shimmery'. Well why not?
If you can't find an acceptable rhyme that has been offered, then I suggest changing the word memory. Visit your friendly thesaurus, and there will be a plethora of words meaning memory. What quickly comes to mind - recall, reminisce, rembrance. Good luck and have fun!
demeree, emery, emmery, emory, kemery, lemery
How about mammory?

goto this site
them blurry

as in what happens to memories with age: It makes them blurry.
The three words I can think of are:
emery- a common dark granular corundum that contains varying amounts of magnetite or hematite and that on account of its great hardness is used in the form of powder, grains, or larger masses for grinding and polishing

demaree- to remove the queen from the brood of (a strong colony of bees) to prevent swarming

gemmary-the science of gems
words that rhyme with MEMORY:


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