☼ wants to know.Can you write a little story that includes these " L " song titles?

Question:I'm going to go through the alphabet.
Nope. This is not homework...Just some wholesome ,creative FUN on YA.
1. Let My Love Open The door
2. Last Night I Had The Strangest Dream
3. Lazing On A Sunday Afternoon
4. Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds
5. Life's A Dance
6. Like An Angel Passing Through My Room

Last night I had the strangest dream. I dreamt that I was lazing on a Sunday afternoon, in my room. I'd left the door unlocked, just in case my lady love came by. I always let my love open the door.

So, like, someone came in and it wasn't my part-time lover. It was, like, an Angel passing through my room. John Angel, Ph.D., Professor of Paleoanthropology, to be exact. "Yo, Emu, how's it going?" he asked.

"Feeling groovy. You still seeing that girl, what's her name?" I asked.

"Not Marlo Thomas. Lucy. Lucy, the pilot in the Air Force. We're engaged; I bought her this diamond ring, two carats, very nice," said Johnny.

"Lucy in the sky with diamonds, imagine that," I said. "Seen Peggy Sue lately?"

"Not lately. Life's a dance, Emu, sometimes you just have to change partners," replied Johnny. He shrugged his oversized caveman-like shoulders.

"Save the last dance for me," I said. I knew that Johnny, like Tarzan, swung both ways.

When I woke up, I washed my mouth out with soap. Then I looked in the mirror. Yup. A clown face greeted me -- I'd been grease painted while I slept. Yup, mischievous Haunter had been out, and the nightmare had come from him! Little scamp. No sense crying about it though, ain't too much sadder than the tears of a clown.
I woke up on Sunday morning with the strangest feeling of euphoria coursing through my veins. It was Like an Angel Passing Through My Room. I turned to look at my wife Lucy who, herself, had just woken. "You know," I said, "Last Night I Had The Strangest Dream. I was locked in a room somewhere with music pounding away. There was a young girl there who was whirling around like a crazed dervish moving to the rhythm of the song. I asked her what was going on." She stopped dancing and turned to answer "Life's a Dance." She said, "And that's what I'm doing. Living." It certainly made me think. "How do I get out?" I asked. "Watch me." She commanded. She went to the door and kissed it "Let My Love Open The Door." She shouted and, sure enough, it slowly opened to let me out. It was like Wonderland outside. I looked up. The sky was magical and there floating above me dressed in a jewelled outfit was my wife Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds. "What are you doing?" I asked "Just floating." She said smiling, "Come and join me then we'll be Lazing on a Sunday Afternoon." Well I did just that and do you know, it was the strangest feeling until just now and then .. I awoke and here I am.
I remember her turning to me, hair spread over her pillow, the shine of moonlight on her glossy eyes. I remember the expectant way she would stare at me, as if great things would issue from me at any moment. Above all, I remember never feeling as if I'd provided those great things.

She had such a presence about her, my Elizabeth. When she would glide by at 3 AM to do something so mundane as use the restroom, it was like an angel passing through my room. I can remember feeling small in comparison beside her.

Dominique, my friend since childhood, once commented that if life's a dance, then Elizabeth is doing the rhumba. She knew how be. To exist. In comparison, I was marching in place. I was all thumbs and left feet.

None of this is an excuse, mind you. Rather, it's my way of confessing to you what you've wanted to hear! Get to the point you say! Very well. My preface now stands alone.

We were lazing on a sunday afternoon, my Elizabeth and I. Back in March it was. It was just warm enough to be outside and so that's where we were, the two of us. We were stretched out on our lawnchairs; Liz reading a book, me feigning a nap, when the small transister radio hanging from the planter hook began to play "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds". I will ever be able to mark that moment and that song, as it was what finally hardened me to do what I knew must be done. I slowly sat up and looked at her, a welcoming smile growing on my face.
"I'm going to make a long island iced tea," I said. "Would you care for one?"
"Sounds wonderful. I'll go in with you and make some finger sandwiches to go with it."
She sat her book down, stretched her long beautiful legs, and stood to her full height. Taking her arm in mine, we made our way to the kitchen door. In that one frozen moment, I was so filled with conflicting emotion that I could not begin to describe it. All I know is that at the entrance to the house, I was so overwhelmed that I let my love open the door. And still I stood rooted in place for a moment.
If Elizabeth expected anything, she didn't show it. If she felt anything, she made no indication. As my hand, seemingly of it's own free will, drew the razor from my pocket. As my hand, with violence unabated, pulled itself across her throat. As my hand, possessing primitive wherewithal, cupped itself over her mouth so as to stifle all sound. As my hand doomed us both.she made not a single sound.
That's what you wanted to hear isn't it? Vile confessors! Well there you have it! My guilt recorded! My woe laid bare! Her beauty was unequaled and I took it forever! Now I alone possess it! And the burden that comes with it! Wretched interrogators! Heinious detractors!

Do not leave me in my cell alone, I beseech you. Show me the mercy I could not, I beg you. For last night I had the strangest dream.
She's coming for me, you see.
She's coming with vengance unequaled..
Last night I had the strangest dream, There was a loud knock on my front door while I was watching a scary movie. I was much to scared to move so I Let my love open the door.
Like an Angel Passing Through my room My Child Entered.
I was lazing on a sunday after noon so I made my child come to me. He was Singing Lucy in the sky with Dimonds. I knew he was inlove.
"Who is the Lucky Girl?" I asked as I huged him tight,
"Lucy." He replied with a smile.
"Life Is a Dance" Said my Love as he held our son up in the air like he use to when our son was just a baby."and if you truely love this girl, You will not let her slip away"
My son just smiled. When I awoke My son was a baby again and the song Lucy In the Sky with Diamonds was playing on the Radio.

Much love

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