☼ wants to know.Can you write a little story that includes these " M " song titles?

Question:I'm going to go through the alphabet.
Nope. This is not homework...Just some wholesome ,creative FUN on YA.
1. Morning Has Broken
2. My Dreams Are Getting Better All The Time
3. Madman Across The Water
4. Maybe I'm Amazed
5. Mothership Connection
6. Magic Transistor Radio

Morning has broken on the fair town of Cambridge. Sunlight cascades over the houses, lawns, and businesses of the city, and morning commuters lazily make their way to work. However, one office is already open and doing businees.

By Tradition, Dr. Frank Mcgahee had begun accepting patients early so that he could go home early. In over fifteen years of practice, not one of his patients in the 7 AM slot had complained about the early appointment. Of course, most of his patients were neurotic milquetoasts that couldn't stand up to their 7 year old children much less complain to him about having to wake up early for his appointments.
And here, before him at 7 AM this morning, is the king of all neurotics, captain psychosis himself, Tanner James. In the tradition of all good psychiatrists, Dr Mcgahee had purchased a large leather couch. He had even hired a feng shui expert to come in show him where to put the couch for maximum effectiveness during "treatment". Stretched out on this couch now, Tanner James was babbling.
"My dreams are getting better all the time doc. This treatment has done wonders for me," he said.
Contradicting this statement was the large Marilyn Monroe wig that covered his head. Beneath that wig were several sporadic bald patches that could only have occurred as a result of someone ripping out their own hair in handfuls.
Dr. Mcgahee sighed.
In front of the couch was an old coffee table patterned after a Louis the XIV antique. On top of the table sat a full pitcher of water with little slivers of ice floating on top. This was just in case the patient needed to wet his whistle in the middle of his diatribes. However, positioned just right, he could use the pitcher to block the view of the face of his patient, giving them distorted features that seemed to match their endless psychotic blathering. Dr. Mcgahee was tired.
"What did you dream last night, Tanner?" Mcgahee asked, if only to focus the patient.
"Well...I had this magic transister radio," he began. "And this radio could pick up alien transmissions, you know, like from the ones who abducted me. It seemed to have a mothership connection because I could talk to the fleet admiral himself."
For Tanner, it was always about the fleet admiral. During the supposed "abduction", it was the fleet admiral who had ordered the he be released back to earth. The fleet admiral who had saved him further "tests". yadda yadda.
Dr. Mcgahee sighed again and shifted his view to the pitcher. He sat staring at this madman across the water.
"I don't know Tanner. I don't think these treatments are getting us anywhere. You still believe these incidences occurred, your dreams are still just as disjointed as ever, and, frankly, I'm beginning to think of myself as a failure here. Maybe I'm losing touch with my profession. Maybe I'm losing my touch with patients like yourself. Maybe I'm amazed that you can function when you leave here at all. But I think the time has come that I refer you to another doctor. I'm truly sorry Tanner. I feel like I've failed-"
That was as far as Mcgahee got. He was cut off by a sonic tearing sound as the roof above him was literally ripped from it's moorings. Sunlight and sky flowed into his office, highlighting a now very stunned Dr. Mcgahee.
"What the-"
That was when Tanner James let out a cry. In an instant, he flew upward and out of the office by route of where the roof used to be, his body getting smaller as it was pulled further into the sky.
Dr. Mcgahee sat staring at the spec that was Tanner until he winked completely out of view. After such a quick and brutal intrusion, the silence was now deafening. And in the vein of all good God fearing psychologists, Dr. Mcgahee stood. And made his way to the desk. And picked up the phone. And called his secretary.
And said, "Lois. Please dispose of Mr. James file, as he will no longer be a patient here. Also can you call a couple roofers for estimates? And send in the 8 o'clock as usual."
Mcgahee returned to his seat and sighed. Maybe he was losing touch with his patients. But dammit, he still needed the money...
Morning has broken and my dreams are getting better all the time. Maybe I'm amazed at the mothership connection between dreamland and reality. It's like using a magic transistor radio to reach the madman across the water.
Me and Bobby McGee
Miss you like crazy
Man without love
Material Girl
Midnight at the Oasis
My love grows deeper
Morning has broken once again, in the land of make-believe. Little Johnny was sitting at the edge of the pond, watching the ducks dive for their breakfast, when he fixates upon the madman across the water. The man was standing on the opposite shore of the pond with his magic transistor radio trying to make a mothership connection. The man was ranting and raving like a lunatic! All of the sudden a huge clap of thunder was heard and the sky opened up with the brightest of lights. A loud voice came down from the heavens. “Johnny, Wake-Up!”

D@mn! It was my mom. Time for breakfast.

On the way downstairs, I thought to myself; “Man, my dreams are getting better all the time. I wonder why I have such intense dreams all the time. Is it because I’m not eating right? Or maybe I’m amazed at the intensity of my own life.” Oh well, time to get on with the day. I’ve got about another 15 hours of sheer intensity staring me in the face, I’m going to need that breakfast.
I think I over worked the old brain on the last exercises. Gonna take a break to revitalize. LOL I'm anxious to see what you do the the letters Q, X, & Z. I'll catch up on the down side.
I awoke in a sweat, it was early but morning has broken through the window. I had a tattoo on my arm that had a heart and the name of a girl named Marcy in it. The strange thing was I didn't have it before I went to bed the night before.

I tried to wash the tattoo off, but it was pernament, and I found a Fifty dollar bill in my underwear. "My dreams are getting better all the time!" I thought...

I made a pot of coffee, then poured a cup and went out on the porch overlooking the lake. I sat in my chair, the water was still and there was hardly any breeze. Then I seen him, the Madman across the water, Melvin Morrison, he was in his Flintstones outfit, doing his usual morning rain dance and singing "Mandy".
I wondered, "Could that lunatic have come over last night and tattooed me? Maybe he left the fifty too.YIKES!!" I felt ill momentarily. "Maybe I'm amazed at the weirdness of it all" I thought..."But how can I explain it all??"

Just then my next door neighbor, Marcella Madison, came up on the porch. "Good morning, how ya feeling?" she asked.
"I don't know, I woke up with this tattoo, and fifty bucks in my shorts..." I said.

She sat down next to me and put her arm on my shoulder, "You were wasted last night...you said something about a mothership connection and majic transistor radio...you were freaking out!" she said. "You said the Martians were coming to get you, you wanted to marry me, I said no, so then you asked me to tattoo you, so I did..."
she continued. "Who's Marcy?" I asked. "That's my nickname, Marcy. You wanted something to remember me when they took you away..." she said.

"And the fifty bucks?" I asked "You wanted to have some cash for souveniers...just in case" she said.

I smiled a bit, then said, "Guess I made a fool of myself eh?" I said. "Yeah, but you were cute...but can I have my fifty back if you aren't picking me up any souveniers?"
Okay... i'm having major creativity brain farts.. but im going to give this a whirl .....

.... the sun rises softly over the horizon, (LINE) MORNING HAS BROKEN. The ever-rising radiance of the glistening daybreak illumantes the waters of the River... that wide unchangeable river that is the gulf between ... sudsbudder9 and his visions of the the 'mothership', that has come to take him away. Suddenly, he sees a form emerging from the darkness...

(loudly) Excuse me, (LINE) MADMAN ACROSS THE WATER....


(loudly) I'm trying to make a (LINE) MOTHERSHIP CONNECTION, can i please use your (LINE) MAGIC TRANSITOR RADIO?


Suddenly, without warning, suddsbudder awakes, jumps from his bed, confuzzled and sighs.. Wow. (LINE) MY DREAMS ARE GETTING BETTER ALL THE TIME!

(LINE) MAYBE I'M AMAZED i even posted this crap! lol *sighs* see what i mean? .. brain fart.... oh well, i tried.

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